The Statement Shirt : our message, our muse, our <3

The statement shirt is our first  in-house design.

It was inspired by the 'Je Suis Charlie' signs that swept over the world after the attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo in january 2015.

We felt there was a need for this statement that could unite a wide array of multicultural, trans-racial and trans-religion believers.

Because, really, isn't love the teaching of any religion? 

All shirts are 100% organic cotton.




I refuse to let fear cramp my freedom,

I refuse to let hate cramp my heart.

Love is my religion, 

And I will fight for it until the end

  • LoveIsMyReligion 22/03/2016
  • Brussels Attacks

We believe in the massive evolution that the world is going through in our time.

An evolution towards love and empathy, that is ultimately uniting us.

It may not be a smooth road but we believe there is an intrinsic need in all humans to co-exist in a friendly way, take care of our planet, and create a better world.

We believe this has been visible over all the world, with a lot of initiatives being taken to counterstrike the negative, bitter, fearful and radical tendencies of our world at this moment.

We believe in the new power given to the people, as our world is becoming smaller and smarter. We stand for being informed, and the Internet has become a powerful tool to break down the walls of ignorance. 

'In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.' - Donny Miller

When we put love first, we open our hearts and minds, it becomes a philosophy that we can apply to all things in our life, no matter how small.

 We are standing up for peace. For appreciating how much we can learn from each other.

For learning and teaching wisely, by how we carry ourselves and by what we say.

For what we believe with all our hearts: love will prevail.

This message is our heart, our body and our soul ... 

Love is my Religion