Our featured Belgian artist, Sammy Slabbinck: an up-up-update!



We can say with pride, since we were lucky or (hey, maybe even) insightful enough to ask Belgian collage artist Sammy Slabbinck to design for us before he hit the big-time, that Sammy is getting the worldwide recognition he deserves!

It seems his surrealistic collage style, which certainly has roots in traditional Belgian surrealism and magic realism, is becoming a coveted style by big bands, big brands and great artists.

After a stint with Coldplay basing their last videoclip ‘Up & Up’ on his work (but failing to give the appropriate credit to Sammy), and creating an animation video for Gucci and their new shoe line, he now also has created the album cover for Leonard Cohen’s ‘You want it darker’.

This was made possible with credit to Instagram, which allows for an artist’s work to be picked up by anyone around the world. In this case by Cohen’s son, who was so intrigued by Sammy’s work, he then asked the artist for this notable honour. The cover shows Cohen with cigarette in hand, staring into cubic space. Simplicity that conveys the style of Cohen – unique style and raw authenticity that he maintained to the end of his life – merged with Sammy’s playful treatment of geometric shapes.

Leonard Cohen was able to release this work before sadly passing away at age 82 on 7 november 2016. His unique voice, his mellow composure and the mark he made on music will be with us forever. (Listen to the  album below)

LoveIsMyReligion would like to pay our respect to this great master and his family,

and we wish Sammy Slabbinck many more successes along his surrealistic path!

Check the organic cotton collection we made with Sammy Slabbinck’s exclusive design here


My sister and I just buried my father in Montreal. With only immediate family and a few lifelong friends present, he was…

Slået op af Adam CohenLørdag den 12. november 2016

// All Sammy shirts now on site! Limited Edition //

The new collection is now available on our site!  

Read up more about how it all started here

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Girlsnotbrides, to end child marriage.

This organisation unites grassroots initiatives on the ground to educate and empower young girls so they can take control of their future, and realise their hopes and dreams. 

The whole collection is made up of organic cotton, and sprinkled with a vintage-style collage created by Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck

Limited edition:: Possible future prints will be different!





Ring the alarm: Sammy T-shirts and Tank Tops have entered the building!

Men's T-shirts in grey-violet, light khaki, petroleum blue, and navy. Design by Sammy Slabbinck on the heart.

Yes, ZE moment has arrived. And they’ve come a long way baby! 

So - recap - I got in touch with collage artist Sammy Slabbinck, because I liked his work and found it had some of that 'Belgian surrealism' that we are known for. (Maybe by now, Belgium is just known for 'absurdism', but hey!) Fortunately, he was willing to design something exclusively for us around our theme - which is..... Love Is My Religion. 

Of course. 

It was the first artist that I approached about this, and it was great that he was attracted to the theme instantly. Kinda proved that the idea was on the right track... 

Then came the painstaking selection of colours and models of shirts. Eco shirts are not abound and plentiful, so you have to really put a lot of thought and feeling into the choice of tops. 

I knew that I wanted only the most beautiful soft colours, to match the colourful and eclectic design and bring it to a stylish unit. 

For the printing procédé, the really cool vintage style effect is achieved only by discharge print. This is not up to eco standards - yet - but the high quality and the authenticity made it the ONLY way we could do these shirts properly. 

If Sammy uses vintage photographs to make his collages, the print has to be as vintage as it can be. Right?

It's a concept shirt, after all. 

The other great advantage to discharge print is that the print is deeply rooted inside the fabric, it becomes a part of it, which means it will last pretty much til your shirt falls apart. And we all know this can take a really, really long time. 

(Though I must admit some people are better than others at destroying their clothes..)

So it took a while, and we had some delays and struggles. But now, oh how sweet it is when the result is exactly what you wanted... and better! 

It just takes a while to get all the mise-en-place going and bring those elements together. It's a birth. It's all the first time.  

There are two short movies about Sammy coming up really soon, they are finished and ready to launch, but first I'll have to get all the product pictures for the website, which I'm doing next - but is a real pain in the a@'s. Pardon my French.

So bear with me just a little while longer, but know that there is a lot of love (sighing, crying, inspiration, happiness - on shuffle and repeat) going in to this collection. 

And it will be worth it!


Love Is My Religion 

Sammy Girl's Tank Top Black. 100% organic cotton. Vintage style print by Sammy Slabbinck.

Heart On Heart

These shirts have a special print position, the heart! 

I had to go back several times to get this right, to avoid what we can best describe as a 'boob print'. This would not be flattering for the girls... 

It was a gamble, but turned out pretty neat and sweet! 


Sammy Slabbinck Heart Print on charcoal 100% organic cotton in discharge print.
100% organic cotton back statement print love is my religion.

New Design by Sammy Slabbinck

Collaborations with artists is what we are all about! And the first one is finally a fact. 

We have been announcing that collage artist Sammy Slabbinck will develop a special collage for LoveIsMyReligion, and the moment has arrived! 

In his typical style, he has created this 50s housewife examining love.  The colours and the digital heart create an interesting contrast with the black and white lady. 

The first tests are being printed as we speak.

We can't wait to launch a new collection of  shirts, tops and hoodies featuring this beauty!

sammy slabbinck tumblr for more collage work

sammy slabbinck vine for his animated movies

Sammy Slabbinck?

Sammy Slabbinck (°1977 Belgium ) is a Belgian artist based in Bruges. He began as a vendor of vintage postcards, and this led to him finding his voice as a collage artist.

He renders dynamic surreal collage prints and original collages on paper, combining vintage photographs with contemporary compositional styles. The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration and proportions. Other times, the images are placed in a reverse context, juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind.

The result is a composition that meditates on the past and considers the absurdity of popular culture.